My name is Madeleine. I love to dine out (with fabulous friends), go to the movies and travel to parts of the world that I’ve not visited before. May, 2017 I went to Scandinavia. 2019, I went to Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia  then, as if that wasn’t enough for one year, I went to India in November. 2020 has proved to be a non-happening year for travel. I wonder why! I suspect 2021 will be no better. Sounds like a good time to visit parts of New Zealand I’ve not been to for a while.

Friends had long suggested that I write a blog. I go to so many movies, and restaurants that I am always being asked for recommendations.

Of course, these recommendations are my opinion, and no one else’s. Some people don’t seem to get that with movie critics, for example – it’s their opinion.

I love going to the movies. I much prefer to see a movie in a movie theatre than watch a movie on the television at home. In the theatre, there is nothing else for me to do but sit back and enjoy the movie. It’s 2+ hours where I’m totally absorbed in what’s going on on the screen.

My taste in movies is rather like my taste in books (and some would say men). My reading preference is for “junk” or popular fiction, and I guess to a certain extent that’s my taste in movies too. However, I do enjoy foreign movies and am never thrown by sub-titles. I do not go to horror, zombie or vampire movies – can’t see the point in them. But I do love science fiction – both movies and books. I don’t much like “chick flicks”, and I will not go to movies with a high quotient of “cringe” factor (eg Hangover – the trailer was enough.)

Each restaurant is rated out of 15: 5 for service, 5 for food, 5 for ambience (the way the place looks, the light – bright enough to read the menu by, but not so bright that you need sunglasses on), and the ability of customers to talk to and be heard by the people with whom they are dining.

Each movie is rated out of 5.

I’ve an Arts degree majoring in History and Latin from Canterbury University, and I taught in a high school for many years. I loved teaching – I loved seeing the light come on as a student “got” something I was teaching. But when education became more about results and less about the “clients’ needs”, I decided it was time to leave –  not only teaching, but my entire life, and find a new one.

This blog is a summary of my “new life”. I not only manage a retail store, but I’m also a company director. I love the business of “business” as much as I did teaching. And I travel. In the last 15+ years, I’ve been to more than 65 countries. I know some people think it’s crass to count the number of countries visited, but I’m PROUD of how many places I’ve visited in such a short time.

The MapWorld girls: Jude, Madeleine, Sandra, Sharon