What a night to go out for dinner. It’s been raining heavily all day, but I’d made the booking for 10 of us at Mexicano’s and I couldn’t just not turn up. This restaurant on Victoria Street is one of a large number of restaurants on that street, and parking is always very limited. In the rain, I thought it would be even worse, so I was there early.  Parking was easy!

The place is warm. inviting, crowded and noisy. As a group, we’re often the noisiest in the place, but not tonight. In fact, it was a little too noisy as we couldn’t really communicate with people who weren’t seated beside us.

There’s nothing quite like Mexicano’s famous crispy fried potato skins with jalapeno queso fundido! The crunch of the potato skins and the gooey melted cheese is so moreish.

I also had a fish taco – cumin spiced fish with a spicy sauce.


The photo above is taken from Mexicano’s website. As a fish taco, it doesn’t look very much like what I was served. The fish on my dish was about half the size. There were 3 pieces, but in the photo above, they take up the entire taco base. Sadly, this wasn’t the case with my taco.

When I contacted them to increase the number attending, I was told (after 3 previous contacts) that the table would be required at 8.30. At 8.05, the friends at the other end of the table were told that the table was needed in 5 minutes. I told them not to move, and that we had the table till 8.30. Men! Did they listen to me? No, they did not. So we were out of there really early.

A pleasant evening, but over too soon.

Service: 4 Food: 3.5 Ambience: 3 Total: 10.5/15

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